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Just about everyone loves to hear and use quotes and “isms.” Like most people, Rohan Bansie finds some of them inspiring, motivational, and calming. Hence, it is no surprise that he uses and repeats them in assisting others during his speaking, teaching and coaching activities. Yes, he has a journal full of them, both spiritual and secular, that he draws from as the situation requires. Below, he takes the opportunity to whet your appetite and share some of his favourites.

Rohan will work directly with clients to deliver a balanced and procedurally fair arbitration process with a timely, well-reasoned decision.
Bansie Dispute Resolution Services works with a diverse range of public and private sector companies in Eastern Ontario, across Canada and internationally.
Bansie Dispute Resolution Services will develop sound and fact-based strategies to ensure clients achieve their resolution goals.
Bansie Dispute Resolution Services can assist in a wide variety of workplace dispute and alternative conflict resolution services.