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Arbitration is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where a neutral third party private entity (known as an arbitrator) hears the evidence brought by both sides and makes a final decision. As a dispute resolution method, arbitration is a less formal alternative to litigation, which alleviates the cost and time of going to court.

Rohan Bansie, the Principal of Bansie Dispute Resolution Services, has theĀ  expertise to provide neutral and fair arbitration services. A former management consultant, litigation lawyer, and Deputy Judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Rohan brings over twenty-five years of extensive experience in dispute resolution issues. Rohan will work directly with clients to deliver a balanced arbitration process with a timely, well-reasoned decision.

Similar to formal adjudication conducted through the courts, arbitration involves the presentation of evidence and submissions of the parties followed by a legally binding decision. There are, however, unique benefits to arbitration that differ from otherĀ forms of dispute resolution services, including:

  • Arbitration is private

The proceedings (including oral hearings) are not open to the public. Parties and arbitrators are often bound by strict rules of confidentiality. Thus, sensitive information can be protected from the public, media, and/or competitors.

  • Arbitrators are experts

Parties may freely choose their arbitrators as long as they are of an impartial and independent nature. Arbitrators can be selected from different nationalities and professional fields. This guarantees the professional and personal expertise of those who decide the dispute.

  • Awards are enforceable

Awards can be enforced within the jurisdiction where they are made and even abroad. In many countries awards can be enforced more easily than court decisions.

  • Arbitration saves time and costs

Customized procedures and the absence of appellate and/or review proceedings allow the arbitration proceedings to be completed within a relatively short time. Choosing a suitable venue that alleviates unnecessary travel expenses can save costs.

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