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Workplace Investigation

Investigations are a necessary, but sometimes difficult, element of workplace management. At some point, almost every employer will need to investigate one or more of their employees. Poorly-handled investigations can be damaging to a workplace and its reputation. The value of a professional and impartial external investigator is paramount in identifying workplace problems and preventing their recurrence down the line.

Bansie Dispute Resolution Services can assist in a wide variety of workplace dispute and alternative conflict resolution services. Lead by Rohan Bansie, a dynamic and experienced lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator, Bansie Dispute Resolution Services will develop sound and fact-based strategies to ensure clients achieve their resolution goals.

As a licensed lawyer, Rohan has the knowledge and is authorized to carry on investigations in the workplace. His status also ensures that the information received will be safeguarded in accordance with the terms of reference of his investigation.  Although many non-lawyers are also able to conduct workplace investigations, they will likely require licensing as a private investigator in Ontario.

An effective workplace investigation is:

  • Time-sensitive
  • Discreet
  • Impartial
  • Fact-based
  • Thorough
  • Defensible

Bansie Dispute Resolution Services works with a diverse range of public and private sector companies in the National Capital region and across the province of Ontario. To ensure procedural fairness, Bansie Dispute Resolution Services will collect and evaluate the evidence and determine the best course of action for the employer. Due to the sensitive nature of workplace investigations, great care will be taken to protect the privacy interests of all involved.

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